Catering Service for Cruises




Our company offers weekly menus:

-Packaged in individual rations

- Nutritionally complete (proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates)

- They do not need cold for their conservation

- Very easy to heat-recyclable containers

- All of them composed of meat/fish, vegetables and legumes.


Our catering solves the problems of purchasing and storing raw materials such as vegetables and meats.

Avoid wasting time cooking in hard conditions

Being an individual ration can be consumed when you want, without waiting for the rest of the crew, something that is important in the shifts.

It offers a proper nutrition for the whole voyage.

Occupies very little space and does not need to keep cold

We offer special menus for vegans we also prepare menus for people with food allergies.

Gluten Free Menus

Delivery service in the same boat.

We offer seven different meals, one for each day of the week

We have fourteen different meals.


                                            PAELLAS SERVICE

If you want to eat paella on your sailboat, we also cook paellas to deliver on the sailboat.

Minimum order, 4 servings.

Make your orders 24 hours before.

Paellas Menu:
Chicken and vegetables paella (original Valencian paella)
Seafood paella
Vegetable paella


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